Extrinsic rewards

I would like to pass CFA level one. I have already tried the exam twice and failed! Like anything this is a multi-variable problem – I have a job and 2 young kids, I never did maths at school, I don’t have a lot of time for studying. Etc. Etc. But I was very close to passing the last time.

Previously all the reward for studying has been intrinsic. But now I am going to give myself some sort of extrinsic, materialistic, awesome enticement for passing the next exam in December. Hopefully this sort of motivation works. It can’t hurt. Candidates for the prize include:

  • an apple device ( I like the look of the new watch and the new phones and the new speaker)
  • a hifi device (my speakers could do with an upgrade)
  • a holiday (after all that studying)
  • a new bed….because sleep.

I am stretching the limits with this exam, but I like the challenge and am lucky enough to be able to try.

To be chanted like the Americans chant: C F A…C F A…C F A

Back home

I’ll be heading home with the cub and mumma tomorrow after beautiful holidays in Europe. Home means many things but now it also means execution of my long term plan. I am excited and nervous. Excited because I know what I want to do after so many years not really knowing. Nervous because of all the inertia I have to overcome to execute my plan. It’s a change of direction and that impacts my whole family, not just me.

Regardless, I am determined and there is so much to do to become CFA qualified. Imagine a world where there was nothing left to do? Bring it on.

Now to get me started, a sleep and then I’m up for a 24 hour journey with a 1 year old. 

Fun times!!

Long term goals

I decided this week to set a long term goal. I want to get a CFA certification before the age of 40, which gives me about 6 years. It would be for the good of my family, my self esteem and my understanding of the world. Eventually I want to use this certification as an avenue into private equity and venture capital in Africa. I think I would love that line of work and be good at it.

Setting a long term goal is satisfying. It is a surprisingly straight forward thing to do, and yet I have never really done it before. You are the only one who can set the goal, not a school syllabus or an overbearing other….just you. 

Of course the next step is to keep working towards the goal and to then achieve the goal. Also, completely up to you. It’s the terrifying thing about chasing your own dream – the accountability. 

Accountability is very important, but for now I am just happy to have set the goal. Writing about it is also very important, and using the blog as a way to track my progress is a big part of my long term plan.

Bring it on.