Remakes and back-catalogues

Resident Evil 2 just won the Game Critics Awards top honour. This was a risky move by Capcom – to remake a classic. Sort of like covering a Beatles song, the danger is the new version will never live up to the original.

But this gamble seems to have paid off. It is part of a much bigger gamble in the gaming world – making older games available all over again. Xbox in particular is betting heavily with its backwards compatibility.

Personally I have found it difficult to buy old games on a new(ish) console. It goes against the narrative we have always been sold that the newest and latest is inevitably the best. Of course this is purely hype and marketing, and the massive back catalogue will be as valuable in gaming as it is in music.

It’s just a psychological hurdle to overcome in order to enjoy the old stuff all over again.



I am 35 years old and I have been playing video games almost as long as I have been reading.

35 is in fact the average age of a gamer in the world (according to Google). As an industry, gaming has in my lifetime grown to twice the size of movies and music COMBINED….think about that….combined!

And yet I constantly have doubts and questions around gaming:

  • Am I too old to play games?
  • Why do I enjoy games so much?
  • Is there any art in video games?
  • How much is too much?
  • Are they a waste of time?

I think the driver behind these questions is my new young family, and the fact that playing video games is still a relatively new hobby compared to reading a book or even watching a movie.

Responsibilities, and taboo work away at my conscience.

However, as a pastime it still delights and amazes me. Not gonna stop. Nope. Sorry….Moderate yes….Stop, no.