If the only thing you have to write about is how tired you are, or how terrible things are these days, or how little hope you have for the future, then I am not interested.

Give me people who take action over those who post despair to make an impact.

Give me someone who is creating something beautiful over someone who is scouring and searching for something to complain about, all the while playing it safe every day.

Rant over. Time to go make something awesome.



The Girl just woke up. She is still blinking and holding onto a window ledge to keep herself from falling over, as most 1 year olds do. In a life full of sweet moments, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The spark, the fuel, the life, the reason I get up in the morning. My daughter.

She can’t even talk yet but I find myself wondering many things about her. What music will she like? What sense of humor will she have? Will she believe in a God? Will she ever learn to drive a car, or Uber everywhere?

My sore back brings me back down to earth and reality in a hurry. The girl must go now, the rest of the family is heading out. I will stay and rest my back. I will miss her this afternoon, but I will put her to bed this evening.

A breeze moves the trees outside as I think of what I want for my girl. Give her options in life. Let her keep that smile of hers til the day she dies. Let her be healthy.

I’m a lucky man.