I just downloaded edge browser for my phone.

I am also moving all my mail and calendar stuff to outlook.

Excel Word and PowerPoint are all work mainstays on my computer.

I am going to Microsoft because I pay for it. The idea is that I will be the customer rather than the product.

Hardware is probably next. Liking the look of windows surface and laptops.


Software is eating the world. A popular line. In my world it feels more violent. Software has eaten my brain and spat it out onto the pavement.

The net effect of Microsoft, Apple and Google in my life is grim.  I have an inability to concentrate on anything for more than one minute. I blame the software.


Good if…

Drinking is good if you can stop after a couple.

Listening to podcasts is good if you have set a time and a place for regularly listening to them.

Technology is good if you use it, rather than it using you.

Exercise is good if you have had enough sleep and food to carry you through.

Relationships are good if you can look after yourself.

The internet is good if you create as well as consume.



I am 35 years old and I have been playing video games almost as long as I have been reading.

35 is in fact the average age of a gamer in the world (according to Google). As an industry, gaming has in my lifetime grown to twice the size of movies and music COMBINED….think about that….combined!

And yet I constantly have doubts and questions around gaming:

  • Am I too old to play games?
  • Why do I enjoy games so much?
  • Is there any art in video games?
  • How much is too much?
  • Are they a waste of time?

I think the driver behind these questions is my new young family, and the fact that playing video games is still a relatively new hobby compared to reading a book or even watching a movie.

Responsibilities, and taboo work away at my conscience.

However, as a pastime it still delights and amazes me. Not gonna stop. Nope. Sorry….Moderate yes….Stop, no.

Web strategy

Unfortunately, we don’t have one by default.

Whether we are publishing, socialising, photographing, working – our default setting seems to be to just use a device as it is given to us, and without discrimination to pay attention to any and all notifications that show up on the screen.

The thing is, just like any tool, the internet can be used in the wrong way and achieve unwanted outcomes. Wasted time, wasted money, misinformation to name a few.

We all have exposure to the internet, whether we like it or not. Therefore forming a strategy to turn it to your advantage is worth it. This goes for the individual, the family and the corporation.

Worth noting also that on the internet privacy is dead, so “default public” is the best stance on anything web-based.


How to get your head around the blockchain and Ethereum? Tokens? Ether? Cryptocurrencies? Sheesh….

Here’s my take on how Ethereum tokens might work:

The tokens allow application builders (coders) to set up rules for an exchange of value within an app’s network. Hypothetically, if a Facebook competitor was created on the Ethereum blockchain (rather than the internet), a token (or a fraction of a token) might be exchanged each time you liked something, or shared something. More likes = more tokens. Maybe there is a shop on the same token system to exchange for goods.

For another real life example – an application such as civic ( which seeks to secure online identity will trade a token as a marker of a user’s true identity details. Anyone or any company that is part of the Civic network can exchange tokens and be assured that these tokens represent true, non-fraudulent proof of identity (I think…not quite sure on all of this).

Trying to write your own understanding of something helps you to learn about the subject. I am not sure I understand this subject completely, but I am getting there.

Happy weekend 🙂

Streaming and ownership

If I can consume media with purpose then I will be happy. Too often though, I feel like media is force fed to me like a scene out of A Clockwork Orange.

I have decided to make a change in music subscription services – from Google Play Music to Tidal. New MQA Masters catalogues on Tidal are a factor, as are my future plans to integrate with a service such as Roon. Roon lets you interact with the music you listen to like we used to with CDs and LPs.

All of this is a rather futile effort to mitigate against the fact that when we stream our music or TV or movies, we no longer own the content. It’s a mindset from another time I guess but to pay for a service rather than a piece of art seems like a poor deal.

At least it is convenient and works on my phone though.