Long trip musing

A few things stand out in my mind after doing a long distance trip with multiple flights:

  • Almost without fail, airline customer service is terrible and often downright offensive. How did a whole industry stuff that up so badly?
  • Traveling with a 1 year old is infinitely harder than traveling without a 1 year old.
  • My stomach always thanks me when I get home. Travel food is artificial and/or full of caffeine and sugar.
  • It’s so very good to be home, 1 year old asleep, showered, fed, in bed. You need to travel to appreciate what you have at  home.

Back home

I’ll be heading home with the cub and mumma tomorrow after beautiful holidays in Europe. Home means many things but now it also means execution of my long term plan. I am excited and nervous. Excited because I know what I want to do after so many years not really knowing. Nervous because of all the inertia I have to overcome to execute my plan. It’s a change of direction and that impacts my whole family, not just me.

Regardless, I am determined and there is so much to do to become CFA qualified. Imagine a world where there was nothing left to do? Bring it on.

Now to get me started, a sleep and then I’m up for a 24 hour journey with a 1 year old. 

Fun times!!