I just received an email from my bank. It was an investment piece describing various scenarios they had researched for the effect of Coronavirus on the markets. Lots of volatility, mixed with under priced companies which will be good bets when the timing is right. (That’s a ridiculously simplistic summary by me, but you get the picture).

So when will the timing be right? When there are no more cases recorded? When the death rate slows? (For the best stats check out worldometer.info/coronavirus).

I just got off the phone from my folks in Nairobi and I think we’re in for a long haul in Kenya and in South Africa. I don’t have the spare cash or the inclination to be making any bets at this stage.

I’d like to thank my bank for thinking of my cash investment at such a time as this though. Its comforting to know some things don’t change.