Collecting junk

I am surrounded by audio and tech…stuff. I have four amplifiers, 5 speakers, a mini recording studio, a DVD player and 2 dust decoders. Then there is a bookshelf full of CDs and LPs, laptops, microphones, guitars, and various sets of headphones. All of it is unused. We are moving house soon and maybe it is time to rationalise this pile. Call some of it what it truly is. Junk.

It is a curious thing, collecting. My own collection and my status as a ‘hoarder’ has happened despite my best efforts. I have a passion for tech and AudioVisual, but I clearly also have some underlying desires to cling on to the past. The music industry as it was, the bands I used to play in, the days when I had time to burn on TV and music.

Excuse the obviousness of my simile, but South Africa is much like the room around me. There is a lot of excess baggage to offload in order to make any progress. In order to move on.

Happy Tuesday. Here’s to creating a writing streak, and to moving on from junk!