Upcoming podcast predictions

There are only a couple of days until the start of my new podcasting project. I enjoy picturing how it might play out. Here is what you might expect from me (the Chimpwithcans) every Thursday.

Essentially, Chimpwithcans is a podcast about fatherhood. About noticing your flaws and choosing to do something. About taming the inner chimp when something great is at stake.

The episodes will be short but I will maintain output for the foreseeable future. I once committed to 4 episodes in 4 weeks and delivered – but it was difficult, relying on guests to interview and each episode lasting way too long to maintain along with a busy life.

These new podcasts will be far easier to create and perhaps a little less structured and serious. More creativity is the goal.

If you’re curious, see the podcast page above for links on how to listen.