Evernote and Labradors

If everything is busy, it pays to get organised. Today I found myself in a lucky but stressful position – My work is busy, My family is busy and I am busy. I turned to an app called Evernote.

With its latest update, Evernote is incorporating To Do lists with all the notes, and I love it. Today was the first test of relying on it as an organisation app, and it worked very well. No more stress for me then. Evernote to the rescue?

Sort of. As great as Evernote and my organisation skills were today, there is always that curveball you weren’t expecting. Mine came in the form of Biscuit, my labrador. Our neighbourhood has 11 children from various families all of a similar age, all girls. A few of the families were watching the children play at sundown. Picture an idyllic street in an idyllic neighbourhood on an idyllic day. We are all chatting politely, being neighbourly.

Biscuit the lab shows up with a chicken in his mouth and chunks of feathers falling to the ground. My direct neighbour points out that this is his daughter’s chicken, and that is your (my) dog! I shout at Biscuit, who drops the chicken, who runs back through the open gate from whence it came, patchy and bruised missing a few feathers.

I believe the chicken is fine, and Biscuit was hauled back into my house before he chased some more birds. Bad neighbours….they need an app for that.