Children and injuries

I heard it before i saw it. The drama, noise and crying was all at a slightly different level to normal. I was feeding the littlest, and by the time I was able to come through to the rest of the family, the blood was everywhere.

I think three things can be major contributors to a child getting injured.

  1. Children have a will of their own. They want to hide and explore and discover without adults hovering over them. Controlling where they can do this is a good tactic.
  2. When there are a few of them around, children try to keep up with the oldest and the strongest. This puts the younger ones at risk.
  3. Before a certain age, young children are very unsteady on their feet and inaccurate with jumps, swerves, hops, runs. As such, they are highly susceptible to a larger mass (big kids and adults) throwing them this way or that out of control.
  4. Bathrooms are terrible places for children to play. Sharp edges, slippery surfaces and hard floors.

This is obviously a short list and there are many things that can cause an injury, and often times it is inevitable that kids will get bumped. However, keeping the 4 things above in your mind when looking after kids will lower the chances of a bloody mess and hospital visits.