Words, Plans and Aims

Why write anything, anyways? Write to express yourself – but what does that actually mean? One way of thinking about it might be that we humans need to aim at something, and the best way we have of doing that is to express the aim in words. Use words to express what you are aiming at. Don’t hold the words inside. Express them to the outside world. This makes a huge difference. So, for example:

Important to me is that I have a family to raise, a body to look after, and sport and music to enjoy.

So, three broad aims. Family, Health, and Hobbies.

Right now, life is tilted towards the family. We are in a critical time for our young children. They need attention most of the day. Pay attention to the thing you are aiming at.

I want to incorporate more of the hobbies gradually. But this is a slow process. Far slower than I ever thought it would be.

Health has slowed down too as i have been recovering from an operation. But this recovery is done now so I need to think about getting stronger. I need to start aiming at sports.

Of course, it’s not so simple. Life likes to tie us in knots as we make big plans. Money, for instance. What to do about money? And socialising? Pffffft…I can almost hear the Gods laughing at my aims and at all those plans I like to make.

Still, writing down and talking out loud about my aims helps me find direction.