My daughter once was hospitalized and became dehydrated from the sickness. Part of her recovery was to take rehydration formula. She got better, but we have bags of formula left in our house.

Like a teenager sneaking sips of his Dad’s whiskey, I have been pilfering the formula after my runs. I feel guilty, but I also feel great!

I’m going to have to invest in some man-sized rehydration packs because I am nearly out of my infants stash….which seems to be the good stuff.

If you feel groggy or tired or stiff, rehydrate…mate.

Meditation – a.k.a spirituality for the non-spiritual

I never had any religion or spirituality growing up. I also never felt a lack of moral grounding or sense of wonder at the world. However, I now realise that the most useful thing religion and its rituals can give you are mindfulness and focus. I have never been a particularly focused or driven person. Rather, I have tended to obsess over pleasurable activities like sport, music, video games, drinking and travel. I have also been an anxious person for a long time. Now I am grown up, I need to take control. Enter meditation.

At the core of my meditation practice is bringing my mind back in focus and back to the body and the breathing. It is this active moving of the mind’s focus to what is happening here and now which I believe can be life-changing.

Breaking out of the ruts and grooves in the mind is vital for any change to happen. Meditation can help. Staying present is vital to relief from anxiety. Meditation can help.

Once you start practicing meditation, you begin to look forward to the routine and you begin to miss it when you skip a day.

It helps with such basic skills, but these are skills we need to practice with all the stimulation and distraction in the world today.


Top 3 sporting activities of life to date

If I had to choose 3 things to do for exercise for the rest of my life, these would probably be them:

  1. Snow skiing – It’s like you’re flying on frozen water
  2. Golf – Hitting the ball sweetly feels like you’re flying too, IMO
  3. Squash – No better work out for the heart and the lungs

Curiously none are team sports. This list would have been very different 10 years ago.