Keeping it alive

Daily life can most often be distilled down to a single question: should I keep this alive?

Whether it is a pet fish, a job, a relationship, a website: burn the dead wood.

And possibly the goldfish??

Happy Tuesday chimps.

Good if…

Drinking is good if you can stop after a couple.

Listening to podcasts is good if you have set a time and a place for regularly listening to them.

Technology is good if you use it, rather than it using you.

Exercise is good if you have had enough sleep and food to carry you through.

Relationships are good if you can look after yourself.

The internet is good if you create as well as consume.


Monitor the Limits

One thing that can affect my productivity and creativity is my energy level after exercise and varying levels of sleep (I have a 2 yr old!).

Tech is helping me track the exercise half of the equation. My Polar M400 watch shows me when I should and should not go to the gym or play squash because I am either undertrained, or strained from too much exertion. If I am fit, then I can be more productive. I have normally found heart rate monitors a bit of a gimmick, but lately it is really helping me to keep track of my body. Highly recommended for creatives who also enjoy keeping fit.

All I need is for my 2 year old to play ball on the sleep side of things….hmm.

Energy for the day

I gave up coffee for four days because I was convinced there would be huge benefits. Instead my life just got more boring and difficult. Each morning felt like it was on half powered batteries. My sleep was no better or worse. Abstinence Shmabstinence.

It got me thinking though – for creativity and good work to happen, energy is the number one component that needs to be checked off. Don’t try and write a novel on a half empty stomach, or record an album on 3 hours sleep. Go to the gym or for a walk. Being energetic in other areas will probably flow over into your work too. That’s my theory anyways – take it or leave it 🙂

And in case you were wondering, from my limited experience coffee is a very good thing. Don’t deny yourself the good things.