Neophiliacs and commoditisation

Today i have run out of time for writing, so i share two interesting links that I think readers of this blog will be able to relate to.

First is a breakdown of neophilia from 2006. (It is funny to see those old movies and songs). Of course the message is still very relevant.

Second is Fred Wilson’s analysis of his new phone – which seems remarkably similar to his last phone:


Google enhancements

One of my favourite things to do is to combine 2 x Google services to enhance my music listening experiences. I like to work my way through this book: 1001 albums to hear before you die. I have the book open to read in my browser in Google Play Books. As I read I listen to the albums on Google Play Music. A Google double whammy.

If you read about a piece of music while you listen to it, the experience is more enjoyable than just listening. Our brains respond to trusted recommendations and descriptive writing in interesting ways – the music seems to open up as you read about it. It is really fun identifying all the features of an album with headphones on, at the same time as it is described in words in front of you.

Google may not have the highest bitrate in its streaming service, but its flexibility and complementary nature of its other offerings mean that it has become a staple in my listening habits.