Information packaged

In this internet age, access to information and data is not necessarily a competitive advantage. Everyone has google. Everyone has more data than they know what to do with. This includes your clients.

The trick then when dealing with clients and data is to package it properly. Package it into something as specific as possible.

If the target client needs scientific proof to make a decision, send them scientific papers.

If they are driven by money, send them as many financial statements and ratios as possible to back up your sale.

If they identify with emotion and passion, possibly you need to package your information in the form of a romantic story.

It is a matter of speaking the right language to achieve your goal with a client.

We all have a language we like to speak and will pay money and attention for. What is yours?


How many of your life’s decisions are chosen by your ego? For me personally, my ego gets in the way a lot. The ego wants things in a very particular way to satisfy its urges.

Often this only leads to a cycle of pleasuring the ego, while the greater goal rides off into the sunset.

If we can learn when to get out of the way and let a situation unfold without intervention, it is a lot less tiring that fighting tooth and nail to change the course of the tide.