Keeping it alive

Daily life can most often be distilled down to a single question: should I keep this alive?

Whether it is a pet fish, a job, a relationship, a website: burn the dead wood.

And possibly the goldfish??

Happy Tuesday chimps.

Resolve – diving in versus pulling out

This year I resolve that I will dive in to the following:

  • Wife and Family
  • Everything social
  • Writing, Work and Study
  • Fitness
  • Music
  • Outdoors

…and I will pull out of the following:

  • Randomised time wasting (aimless internet, mainly)
  • Sugar binging
  • Late nights
  • Wasted weekends

The biggest challenge here is probably study and work related – How to find time for creativity and learning.

Happy new years.


New Year’s startup

I have been away for about a month and barely written anything in that time.

I am trying to get back in the swing of things. So to start with, a simple re-blog. I don’t believe in resolutions every new year, but I do believe in long term behavioral goals. This list sounds pretty good to me:

More creating

Less consuming

More leading

Less following

More contributing

Less taking

More patience

Less intolerance

More connecting

Less isolating

More writing

Less watching

More optimism

Less false realism