Roon + Tidal

I have recently signed up to both Roon and Tidal. So many websites and commentators are raving about it.

Linking your Tidal account to Roon gives you endless volumes of high fidelity music and MQA format recordings in a beautiful package.

It is convenient, sounds great, and the Roon software is staggering – it needs to be experienced to be understood but to me one of the key things that Roon does well is give you suggestions and notes to read while you listen to a track – this combination is key. The reading element brings back the old LP / CD cover notes vibe to streaming music. A wonderful thing and I am sold.

Now to optimise the Roon Core / DAC / MQA combinations! Can’t wait.

Album Covers

So I am up early due to baby-screaming-in-the-night syndrome. It’s a tricky syndrome to manage… I have taken the “Stuff it let’s just get up at 430am” approach.

But I digress.

I have been thinking about album covers and how important they are still. Even without the physical album, digital streaming is enhanced by the album artwork and the information traditionally contained within the album cover. It’s all about the Metadata.

With a surplus of information, the trick is collation and turning chaos into a neat package to sell to folks. There is a premium for turning your messy downloads and MP3s into a cohesive library that looks beautiful. For proof Рcheck out this product:

Besides, who wouldn’t want to look at a Tiger in a leather jacket while listening to CRX? Happy Tuesday!