70% with control

I like to play squash. Probably the best advice I have been given is to only give 70% with each shot, and focus all that energy on cleanly hitting the ball. Do it properly at 70% rather than flying in and flailing around at 110% (which is my natural inclination!)

This is more than just a squash tactic. I am at my best when I am calmly dealing with what is in front of me. If I decide to go 110% and expend every ounce of energy in pursuit of one thing, i usually burn out pretty fast.

Life is a juggling act. Keep some energy in store. Keep your head and wits about you. Do things in the correct way.


Top 3 sporting activities of life to date

If I had to choose 3 things to do for exercise for the rest of my life, these would probably be them:

  1. Snow skiing – It’s like you’re flying on frozen water
  2. Golf – Hitting the ball sweetly feels like you’re flying too, IMO
  3. Squash – No better work out for the heart and the lungs

Curiously none are team sports. This list would have been very different 10 years ago.