Chimpwithcans’ manifesto

It struck me yesterday that I have not committed to this blog fully.

Those of you who have followed the blog for a while will know that I get spurts of energy to post on all sorts of topics, and then I have dormant periods. This is despite my very best intentions to blog each and every day consistently. I have struggled to take ownership of the blog and one of the biggest reasons for that is that I have no structure around my blogging other than a vague desire to blog.

So now I present a manifesto – a statement of purpose and of themes for the blog. I hope you like it and I hope it helps me to blog more often.

If you look at the tagline on the blog’s home page (under the monkey) you will see I have changed it. This blog will have three major themes running in the back of my head like three cylinders driving the engine to unify my work; Masterpieces, Effectiveness, and Truth. Here’s a rundown of why:

  • Masterpieces: Because this is where the magic happens and this is what ignites an idea in our head. To strive to create a masterpiece, to recognise a masterpiece and to understand exactly what a masterpiece entails can only lead to better art.
  • Effectiveness: Because these days there is an overflow of information, distraction and negativity which can stifle the very best artistic intentions. Hacking our way through these difficulties to become effective is one of the big challenges of our information age.
  • Truth: Because this has seemingly become market related much like a stock price. If one story is more popular than another, then it can claim truth despite despite the facts. Defining, recognizing and appreciating truth is vital to me.