Goal achieved!!! Now, please have a Newsletter

If my calculations are correct (and they may very well be incorrect….I blame COVID if that’s the case) but if they’re correct – I have actually done 34 posts in a row on this blog. 34!!!! You may remember (link) I was going for 30. I did it a few days ago without actually realising. Either way I am happy!

Fireworks. Champagne. Singing. Chanting. Mass celebrations lining the streets.

In all seriousness, I am very happy. I have achieved a goal stated in public and with a track record to prove it. And to celebrate, I want to start a newsletter which will come out once a week.

Inspired by this guy: Ben Evans and this guy: Tim Ferris I will try and include in the newsletter everything that I find helpful or interesting from the web. It will be weekly (out on Wednesdays) and it will include links to external stuff, and a few of my own thoughts. This will primarily be an archive for myself, but if others find it interesting too, then all the better.

If you want to subscribe, click on the menu button (top right of this blog) and click the appropriate button.

If not, then don’t 🙂

Here’s to continuous creating.

Happy Tuesday chimps.

Writer’s block?

It’s tempting to search for the best conditions for productivity. The theory goes that we can escape writer’s block if we work at the right time of day, eat the right food, use the right app, listen to the right music (listen to no music?)… And the list goes on.

Unfortunately writer’s block is not a thing.  It is all rubbish. An excuse.

Yes, sometimes you work better than others. But the hard truth is that you are completely alone when it comes to doing good work. It’s not about state of mind or a piece of software.

Instead, writer’s block is a convenient excuse not to expose yourself to criticism. The unfinished novel is never ready for scrutiny, and therefore is always perfect in your mind. And that’s where it remains.

Better to do lots of bad work on your way to a great story than to just shut up shop and blame writer’s block. I believe you just make a start, trusting that hard work (and criticism of poor work) leads to results in the long run. Because it does.