Music collections

I have extensive collections of music in three main locations.

  1. Physical media, which is mainly composed of vinyl and cd collections. These collections still afford the most emersive experience  in that I can read the cover art, and the liner notes while listening to the music. 
  2. Digital media, which is essentially an iTunes collection which has built up over the years on my hard drives. This takes a bit of effort to keep organized. There is always the bitrate and compression to think about. I find the “mastered for iTunes” series to be more than adequate sound quality though. I am growing less and less bothered by the bitrate, given that my playback equipment is at best midrange hifi which means most of the time I can’t hear any difference.
  3. Streaming collections, which I have collated and organized on Google music. This is essentially my iTunes music uploaded and complemented with a lot of albums from the cloud subscription service offered by Google. It is the most convenient and widely used collection that I have. I play it in the car, on the computer, in bed and most places in between.

What comes next? Alexa by Amazon? Something similar from Google?

I think most audiophiles enjoy having options in collecting and accessing music. And hardware options for the playback of music. As streaming quality improves, the options only will widen.