Fun Friday – Podcasts

One of my goals is to set up my own podcast. To me the podcast as an art form is the perfect mix of audio and the written word. A well produced episode can transport the listener wherever the creator wants to take them.

I recently bit the bullet and paid for pocketcast on the laptop. I already had the free app on my phone, and now i can listen to my favourite episodes on the laptop too. Getting my podcast fix on this app rather than on iTunes is a deliberate strategy. I do not want to get too tied down to the Apple ecosystem. I use Google, I use MSOFFICE, and I use other similar products that are device agnostic. That way I can bounce between iOS and Android, OSX, Windows or Chrome. Anyways, I digress.

My passions for music and audio and writing are distilled in the podcast as an art form. My favourite show from the last few weeks of immersion in pocketcasts app is Lore: . This show is so focussed, stylized and deliberate in its execution, I would aim for something similar when I get around to producing a show. Lore is also a valuable asset as a website that sells merchandise and sponsorship. Impressive stuff.

What are your favourite podcasts? Do you have any secrets for finding time to produce a podcast on the side?


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