Kickstarter payback

I just received my reward of an anthology of short Sci-Fi stories for backing a project on Kickstarter.

Added to my list once I am through with Dune, which is amazing, political, enthralling, and leaves me feeling thirsty when I am done reading a chapter!

I would encourage anyone to find a cool project to back on Kickstarter. It’s satisfying to reap the rewards for a price you decide upfront.


3 thoughts on “Kickstarter payback

  1. Glad to hear someone else has the Kickstarter bug. I’m a big fan of it, I love supporting other creative-types in an attempt to inspire both them and myself! It works… to some degree. I find the most beneficial thing about Kickstarter isn’t the reward at the end, but the updates you get along the way… I love seeing the progress!


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