If something that is abhorrent, abnormal or unacceptable to society becomes your norm, what do you do? Of course this is a hugely subjective question. So some examples for a thought experiment.

If you are hooked on video games and can’t stop yourself from playing 5, 6, 7 hours a day, what do you do?

If you are used to seeing graphic images online and find yourself watching pornography far more than you care to admit, what do you do?

If you can’t stop throwing up the food you eat, because you feel like it will make you fat even though it is in fact a balanced healthy diet, what do you do?

If you accept bribes as part of your daily routine at work, what do you do?

If you don’t recycle your rubbish and burn fossil fuels every day in your car, what do you do?

Abstinence may form part of the solution. Letting go of preconceptions and control seems to play a part in some of the cases. Almost certainly the solution involves soul searching, a whole lot of courage, and a multi-pronged attack which can be draining and requires full commitment.


2 thoughts on “Desensitization

  1. Sadly, habits are harder to break than form… It’s often easier to carry on then to stop, turn around… blame inertia!

    Definitely agree it takes soul searching, definitely agree it takes courage too… I’d also add, it often takes support. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need help, for anything at all. From a habit as small as picking your nose, to an issue as large as eating disorders… speaking to people who are caring, understanding, and, most of all, supportive is one of the best way to make a change.


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