Tools at your disposal

Shakespeare wrote around 37 plays with a quill and ink as his tools. Can you imagine what he might do with a laptop and the internet?

In the search for creativity and productivity, it is tempting to focus on another shiny new tool to give you an edge. The Sunday golfer will spend thousands on the latest driver promising 20 more yards. But will they hit the gym and the practice green at all?

All sorts of conspiracy theories abound on Shakespeare’s extraordinary productivity. Theories that he couldn’t possibly have written all those plays himself. My bet is that Shakespeare was a hustler, and a perfectionist. I bet he wrote and wrote and wrote, even in his spare time. I bet he was good with people and good at getting what he needed to keep writing (including copious amounts of ink and paper!). I bet he was stubborn as hell about his need to write something every day.

The tools are secondary to the attitude. Jordan Spieth would still shoot well under par using clubs that are older than he is.