Owning a masterpiece

It’s in every art collector’s dreams to own a piece of history. It defines a gallery to show off a master’s work. It is considered a massive show of generosity to lend one out as has recently happened with a Monet picture (link) …But…

But far more interesting is trying to create your own masterpiece. Clearly we can’t all be Monet or start a movement like the impressionists did. However, we can refine our skills and take the necessary care over a piece of art to call ourselves its master. Some questions to consider in creating your own masterpiece:

  • How much do you know about the history of what you are creating? What came before the piece you are working on? Influences? Track record?
  • Why are you making what you make? For profit? For Community? For Impact? Surprise? Delight? Efficiency?
  • Where’s the risk in your work? Was it guaranteed to work or could it have failed?