Hunting for community

We never had to do it before. We were born, grew up, and died in the same village. Not true anymore. We move schools, jobs, towns, countries more often than ever before. It’s great for experience but not for community. Unfortunately our needs have not changed as quickly as our technology and our wealth.

No matter how much traveling we distract ourselves with, at the end of the day we humans need to belong to something bigger than ourselves. We need family and familiarity around us. We need it for contentment. I have moved around a lot. I am now trying to settle- And so I hunt for community as follows:

  • Rejoined Twitter
  • Play sports
  • Lift the head and ask people questions about themselves when talking to them
  • Write regularly

Some tactics work better than others but in the absence of a childhood history to build bonds, I have to start somewhere 🙂