Complicated or Complex?

The two words are often used interchangeably, which is wrong.

If a system is complex, it means it has many components in the system. The complexity makes it hard to apply any hard and fast rules for problem solving. Think of a large company or organisation.

If a system is complicated it can be hard to solve, but they are addressable with rules and recipes. Think of a machine.

My next guest on the podcast, Dan Rogatschnig, did a masters degree specialising in this stuff and he laid it out for us during our chat.

Come and have a listen on Friday.

2 thoughts on “Complicated or Complex?

  1. If you have him on again could you prove a bit more on your question about how different personality types engage with systems approaches. I’ve found there is a link between those to whom straight lines and addressing complicated issues is their default, compared to those who engage intuitively with curved lines and complexity. Organisations can so easily favour the former and recruit their own, but creativity wanes.


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