Series complete

I am celebrating completing my first mini series of podcasts! I have learned a lot about how to set up an interview and how to make it sound decent. I am proud I followed through on publishing one a week for a month.

I have really enjoyed talking to some interesting people in my network of friends. Exploring their stories has given me a creative outlet where I had none. I need to continue!

I plan to have plenty more podcast episodes in the future, and I will keep writing here on weekdays in the meantime while I plan.

I even managed to upload the feed to iTunes Spotify and Pocket Casts so you can search for chimpwithcans and listen there!

If anyone has any suggestions for me after hearing my podcasting efforts I am all ears. I have already been told I grunt too much and continually interrupt the guest with my “mmhmm” and “yep” habits!

Anyways, I love the process.

Viva podcasts.

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