Co-ordinating technology

I feel anxious about technology that is not co-ordinated.

I feel this at a personal level with my phone if it doesn’t sync with my laptop. Apple’s ecosystem thrives on this angst. Buy the Iphone then you have to buy the Ipad and the laptop and the TV just to make sure everything is in sync.

Lately I have taken on some more operational tasks at the day job and I feel the angst at a company level now! Co-ordinating people on tech is like herding cats. Nobody is using the same system. Nobody else seems to feel the angst!

Microsoft, Google, Apple are playing tugofwar with our company’s attention and resources. Some hard and fast decisions need to be made – but they can’t have too much of an impact on operations or clients.

Herding. Cats.

2 thoughts on “Co-ordinating technology

  1. Might be a personality thing, but it’s also just that things go wrong when tech doesn’t sync. I haven’t had a disaster from too much syncing yet! But I know what you mean….the ever present eye of Sauron/Google/Apple is unnerving.


  2. We must be different Myers Briggs Types! I feel angst if tech syncs too well…. all that creepy “internet of things” magic. Let’s hear it for disruptive diversity 👏


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