Tech and enjoyment

Some of the funnest tech I own is also some of the oldest. An Onkyo amplifier, stereo speakers, an old TV and cable box/decoder. I have owned this stuff for ages and have set it up and broken it down multiple times as my family has grown. I feel like the master and the AV tech is my slave. Feeling in control is fun.

What I don’t like is when the tech is acting without my input and out of my control. That’s frustrating and sometimes downright scary. I challenge you to play ping pong with your cell phone in the same room for a few days in a row – and then look at what Facebook ads pop up. The tech is creepy and it is listening to you with a life of its own. (There’s a movie script in there somewhere?….horror movie….I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that….where was I).

I can set up, tune and sync all the Audio Visual gear in our house multiple times and it never gets boring for me. Part of this satisfaction is the syncing up of a ‘perfect’ solution given the constraints of my tech. Constraints are good. I have used the same components in many different scenarios, always trying to make it sound that little bit better.

Part of it is my affinity for anything audio. The sweet sound of my bookshelf speakers more than makes up for the hours of labour.

Anyways, just a small thought for the Saturday – don’t automatically get rid of that old tech. Joy can be found in mastering something rather than relying on the new.