Dickens? Dickens!

I am trying to get back into the more arty side of things – this is a constant battle with the busy schedule we have at home. At the same time it is fundamental part of me – I love art and reading and writing…and so, a blog post and Dickens!

I have started to assemble one of those laughable bookshelves, full of pretentious and important novels I intend to read someday. Dostoyevsky has a plastic cover tightly wrapped around, sealing the pages. I am intimidated by his name and I am claiming to be unable to open the plastic cover, so I likely won’t touch him for ages. But, Dickens’ “Tale of Two Cities” is open and ready to be read immediately. I ran out of excuses today, and so I just started (at the beginning) and am thankful that the novel includes liner notes for every chapter – Context is good.

Wish me luck… and remember to always exclaim “What the Dickens!” whenever possible.