Upcoming podcast predictions

There are only a couple of days until the start of my new podcasting project. I enjoy picturing how it might play out. Here is what you might expect from me (the Chimpwithcans) every Thursday.

Essentially, Chimpwithcans is a podcast about fatherhood. About noticing your flaws and choosing to do something. About taming the inner chimp when something great is at stake.

The episodes will be short but I will maintain output for the foreseeable future. I once committed to 4 episodes in 4 weeks and delivered – but it was difficult, relying on guests to interview and each episode lasting way too long to maintain along with a busy life.

These new podcasts will be far easier to create and perhaps a little less structured and serious. More creativity is the goal.

If you’re curious, see the podcast page above for links on how to listen.

Embedding a track

Continuing with the podcast preparations, I am going to try and embed a Soundcloud track on this blog post.

This blog will be the primary place to go to hear my podcast. Therefore I want to be able to embed tracks so that they are playable without having to leave this site. This involves getting HTML code and pasting it into WordPress. I’ve never done this before, so here it goes with an old track I digitised from an LP a while ago:

Cute song. Radical embedding of audio!

One step closer to my podcast.