Focus on the future

A fundamental part of achieving anything you want to achieve = the work is up front, and the reward is way off in the future. Unseen. We plan for success rather than guarantee it. This is frightening.

Satisfaction and success is mostly unseen and unfelt for the whole time you are working hard. This makes it very hard to keep working if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, or if you don’t believe that something good will come of it down the line. Faith is required. Faith in yourself, in the process and in the work resulting in something good.

For creative writing (and most art I suppose) this is especially important to recognise. It takes a lot of consistency and regular work to create something, and a lot of unknowns weigh down on you before you reach any kind of destination with a piece of writing.

Like a character in a Fantasy story – rather than being lured by sirens to shipwreck on the rocky coast, we need to keep our heads turned toward the horizon and our course true.

Chip away at the stone.