People want to do good work

I believe that this is true. I also believe people are capable of doing good work. Every single person on the planet could make something great if they really set their mind to it.

Why then are so many people in dead end jobs, paid as little as possible and then DOING as little as possible as a result?

Fear is a big factor – fear that if they went for it on their own and tried to make something great then there is only themselves to blame.

The ironic thing is that when we are under the spotlight and when we fail – this is when we learn and improve. It is a necessary condition for good work.

Speaking of which – my science fiction writing has trailed off due to fear. I am scared of having to find a solution to the situation that the characters have found themselves in! I am scared of the hard work and I am scared of messing it up, but I must get over it.

Wishing you all productive, fearless work today.

3 thoughts on “People want to do good work

  1. Thank you for this. My own writing hasn’t necessarily trailed off, but I’ve definitely hit a slump where I know what to write and can’t bring myself to create right now. Nonetheless, I want to do good work. I want to create good work. I agree with you that all people are capable of good work.

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