Creative peace

The desire to make something new and impressive is agonizing at times. I think it is this urge which leads to some of the best creations and art, however I think it might also distract us from something which is going well, right under our noses.

I have a project up and running, earning money and with room for growth – but it isn’t a rockstar existence. I am constantly tempted to find something completely new, more in tune with my passions (which includes a broad range of interests) and more interesting.

So far this urge has lead me to a waste of time. Dreaming rather than doing. Watching the horizon rather than fixing what I have in front of me.

Time to deliver on what I started and plug away at what I believe in. No time for far fetched dreams.

One thought on “Creative peace

  1. I spend most my life in daydream… Imaging a world full of creative pursuit, where I’m happy and fulfilled… Then I realise I’m still in my office job, still living the same routine, and no closer to my goals… Think we all need a kick up the ass sometimes.

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