Creativity through simplification 

Some recent steps I have taken to improve my focus and save time for what matters:

  • No more Facebook. Account deleted completely 
  • No more gaming – selling console
  • Re-finding my Kindle – purpose built for reading, this is the gadget that keeps giving. You can’t be a good writer without being a good reader
  • Whittling down my internet accounts. As well as Facebook, I had Twitter, Instagram, three different email addresses, other blogs, and the list goes on. I realized that the reason I wasn’t creating as much as I wanted was not a lack of accounts, connections with friends or lack of tools…rather it is a lack of focus. Fewer accounts and gadgets – focus on those you actually need.
  • Fixing up my house and my office – I’m not good at this but when I try to fix stuff, it helps my sense of satisfaction and consequent focus no end.

The next step is to partake more in communities of like minded people in the flesh. I’m thinking writers groups, and arty types who I don’t seem to have in my life at the moment. 

Life is a journey not a destination, right?

3 thoughts on “Creativity through simplification 

  1. I use facebook for blogging groups and communities.
    You have great and focused list there. Love it. I’m doing some of them. I’ve done some already got productive a little. 🙂


  2. Great points! I have a twitter account for this blog just republishing the posts. That’s it. Notifications are awful. I might have to reconsider comments here after your post…I had the idea of creating a community here on the blog, with answers to comments, but I think you’re right in that it’s a big commitment…will give it some thought.


  3. Bravo! I admit Facebook I need for family, old friends and some communities but all the other stuff I totally understand, my Twitter account only publishes stuff from my blog, I long left all the drama behind. As for gaming, I wish I had the time XD.
    Some tricks for you to focus, beware of notifications on your Phone and computer. If you do research online try to focus on sites that truly serve that purpose. I read second hand books from ebay, some are cheaper that digital editions, plus I also try to have them as research material. Books take space so beware of that little detail if the space of your house comes at a premium. Btw comments also kill your focus, yes I know the irony of the thing. 🙂


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