Raise great kids.

That is what every parent wants to do. When you are in the thick of raising a young child, it is difficult to gauge how you are doing. The chimpwithcans blog and podcast allow me to reflect on how we are bringing up our four children.

Listen to great music.

Life is tough, and left unchecked our primal instincts can boil to the surface. These instincts are in all of us. I refer to them collectively as “the inner chimp”.

Faced with a harsh reality, the inner chimp tries to rebel. The inner chimp causes all sorts of trouble. The inner chimp is not conducive to raising great kids and sometimes it needs to be tamed. To tame my inner chimp, I create stuff (mainly blog posts and podcasts) and I use copious amounts of music as my drug of choice.

Music offers me so much. It is an escape, it improves my mood, being in a band is social and fun, and as an art form it means a lot to me. This website is a space for me to chase great music, to write about it and to talk about it. I also take the thoughts from the chimpwithcans blog and podcast, and I use it to curate a few “chimpwithcans” playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

Find it all here on chimpwithcans.com.